Amrit Kaur – Numerology for Teenager and Women

Numerology for Teenager Boys

Introduction to Tantric Numerology For Teenager Boys:
 (The Yogic Psychology of the 10 Spiritual Bodies in the Human Being)

 Why do we feel as we do? why do my parents, sisters, brothers, friends
and teachers behave like that?
 The Introduction to Tantric Numerology can give you many answears to
these questions and by that a deeper understanding  of the behavior of
the people you deal with in your daily life.

Numerology for Teenager Women

Introduction to Tantric Numerology for teenagers plus herbs and
advices for beauty and help in femenine problems.

 Getting healthier, clear and stronger,  at times of femenine changes,
and after giving birth.

Female bodies change several times during the life of women and we
must observe our body behavior towards food and daily routines, many
times  our body cannot accept these routines any longer and we need to
make a change in order to stay healthy, clear, strong and happy. When
the pregnancy is planned we have the chance to prepare our body for
this change as well. And in the later years when menopause comes and
later, there is the possibility to rejuvenate and reconstruct our
bodies with the help of ayurvedic, chinese and shamanic practices,
food, teas, herbal bads, etc.,  in order to overcome hardship during
femenine changes.

Amrit Kaur – Numerology for Teenager and Women