Hugrún Fjóla (Island) – Vibration of Love

Vibration of Love
Fjóla takes you on a journey through the most heart-expanding Kundalini Yoga teachings. The emphasis is on Naad and Shabad Guru, chanting mantras that connect us to the heart and stay with us as a Vibration of Love that echoes through time and space.

Fjóla is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Iceland. She has a crystal-like, enchanting voice that touches hearts in a unique way. For the passed 4 years she has dedicated herself to create and share her music with Kundlini Yoga mantras, travelling the world, playing at festivals and leading workshops. Her mission is to share the sacred vibrations of Naad, the universal sound-current, far and wide, to help people get in touch with their own heart vibration. As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, she also shares the teachings of the Japji Sahib and Yogi Bahjan in regular classes in Iceland and workshops around Europe and USA. Fjóla’s first solo album, Inner Landscape is a deep and touching sharing of her journey and connection with the Aquarian Sadhana, through music and sound. The album is currently in post-production and will be ready for release this summer.


Hugrún Fjóla (Island) – Vibration of Love