Mata Mandir Singh (US) – 1.Rhythmic Intelligence | 2.”Cool It!”

Workshop 1
Rhythmic Intelligence
“Your success is based on whether you have a rhythm in your life. When your rhythm is imbalanced, you get angry, frustrated and depressed. Those who have perfect rhythm can go through every challenge very successfully.” -Siri SinghSahib 10/4/97

Humans are creatures of rhythm from the heartbeat to our sleep cycles, biorhythms and pineal/ pituitary gland secretions. In this workshop we will align our body, mind and soul using the ancient musical tradition of India to perfect our rhythm as well as the science of Laya Yoga where breath, mantra, and rhythm are used to permanently raise the consciousness of the practitioner.

Workshop 2
“Cool It!”
The Effects of Music, Mantra and Gurbani on the Human Brain, Psyche and the great Mother earth.
The collective psyche of humanity on Mother Earth is overheating due to overcrowding, as well as information overload and radiation associated with modern technologies. This is intimately intertwined heating of the climate as well.
Without a rise in the level of group and universal consciousness we, as a human sangat, will not be in a position to create the change needed to prevent catastrophic climate change. This has been described before in some of the battles in the Mahabharata, an ancient Indian text.
In this workshop we will discuss this history as well as practice and experience how to calm, cool and create a balanced peaceful state of mind in the shortest amount of time possible. Yogi Ji has said we will be called upon to show people how to create balance in themselves within minutes. We will be tested and must deliver! “Time is now and now is the Time!”

Mata Mandir Singh (US) – 1.Rhythmic Intelligence | 2.”Cool It!”