Mata Mandir Singh (US) – 1. The Power of Simran (ENG) / 2. Naad

1. Workshop

The Power of Simran- Simran is perhaps the least understood term in Yoga and Sikh Dharma .It is  seldom taught openly and is perhaps the most powerful phenomena in the spiritual world. This class will be conducted as a “veechar”. A reading of the Guru’s teachings on Simran and an open discussion , contemplation and deep  reflection on the meaning of Simran followed by a kriya to experience.



Self-Healing through sound and mantra [ENG]
Sound permeates all matter. In this class we will explore how to heal oneself of illness, both mental and physical, through the science of Naad.

Mata Mandir ist Meister des Naad Yoga. Er lebt zur Zeit in den USA und ist weltbekannt für seine Mantra-, Gedicht- und Shabd Guru Tracks und Alben. Er spielt moderne und traditionelle indische Saiten-, Percussion- und Tasteninstrumente. Er leitet in Zukunft die Guru Ram Das Kirtan Academy und hat gerade sein Buch „Naad Yoga – A Workbook“ veröffentlicht.

Mata Mandir Singh (US) – 1. The Power of Simran (ENG) / 2. Naad