Satkirin Kaur (US) – Shabd Guru

Satkirin Kaur began studying and teaching the sacred science of singing meditations of Kundalini Yoga in 1973.
Having studied intensively with many Kirtan masters for decades, she was directed by Yogi Bhajan to teach internationally.

Soon after, Satkirin began recording kirtan to implement his direction to teach the power of music meditation.

At this time, she is known and loved for her 19 chanting albums which are landmarks of Kundalini Yoga classes across the world.

Satkirin’s approach embodies an authentic approach filled with wisdom, humor and love.

As a Kundalini Yoga specialty teacher of the Aquarian Academy, she delivers a deep experience and understanding of how to accurately chant. Through inspiring stories, and vocal kriyas, Satkirin guides teachers and students to bridge the mind and body, and develop harmonious inner-directed lives.

Her focus will give you the experience of how Naad and rhythm work together to calibrate your ten bodies for the experience of bliss, fulfillment, and elevation.

Additionally, to facilitate a global understanding of chanting, Satkirin has developed a number of youtube videos, including:

“The Mantra Minute,
“A Mantra Moment”,
“Your Mantra Tool Kit” a weekly blog –
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Purchase her online workshop:
KAURI KRIYA the power of sound.
You will find many free videos at

Learn more by visiting, or find her broadcasts on Facebook: Satkirin Khalsa, Satkirin Kaur Khalsa, Instagram and

Satkirin Kaur (US) – Shabd Guru
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