Siri Sadhana Kaur (UK)

Siri Sadhana Kaur aus England, die im letzten Jahr spontan Chöre auf dem Festival zusammen gebracht hat und stimm- und tanzgewaltig das Festival gerockt hat. Woman of Soul.

Soulful singing workshop

Through exploring songs from around the world, harmonizing in acapella with sacred mantras, chants, folk, traditional and gospel, we will creatively express our individual unique sound whilst blending and being uplifted by our collective resonance and vibration.
Within this workshop we will practise playful physical warm ups, relaxation exercises, vocal techniques to deepen the breath capacity, aligning the posture and freeing the voice. As we actively engage the whole body to sing we can experience a power and transformative quality in the voice that enriches both heart and soul.

Mantra Dance

Chanting and Dance medicine for soul
Sound and movement taps our bodies wisdom to release “feel good” chemicals, aligning into creating habits of happiness. We can then intelligently yield and twist, within the dance of life.
This workshop combines chanting Kundalini mantras, experiencing our vocal range and potential, then accessing the freedom and joy of dance expression within a sequence of movement mantra medicine. Through mobilzing and activating we awaken our depth and nurture in flow of the universal energy.

Through dance with mantra we surrender to our soul and universal consciousness.
Our unique story is revealed within each pitch, tone and vibration. As we vibrate the nadis (subtle nerve channels) and chant with our ears we can begin to access a deeper resonance lifting our hearts and fine tuning our habitual frequency and elevate us toward devotion and divinity.

Siri Sadhana kaur performed internationally developing in voice, theatre and movement, studying in Paris with the innovative movement master Jacques Lecoq. She is based in London and is currently completing her 7th music and mantra Cd available as downloads. As an approved KRI Professional Kundalini yoga teacher trainer, she organizes level 1 and level 2 Aquarian teacher trainings with the Karam Kriya school. Siris touring schedule integrates live concerts, teacher trainings, mantra dance, acapella singing and kundalini yoga.

Kiranjot kaur/Aloka
Is 14 years old and has been attending the Miri Piri school in India for 2 years.  As a singer she has been performing and touring live on stage at kundalini yoga festivals and events since she was young. She featured as a backing artist on 7 kundalini mantra cds, most recently she has been collaborating and recording music with 5000% a group of creative artists sharing their passion for music.  As a young artist she won a choral scholarship to attend the Marleybone school in London and sang with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, The London Youth Choir, Camden youth choir, and Marleybone school choir. Aloka performed regularily, including performances at the Royal Albert Hall , Roundhouse Studios and  Wigmore Hall in London. She composed and sung ‘In the City’ for a show ‘Orbital’ at the Circus festival at the London Roundhouse Studios.

Interview with Siri Sadhana Kaur regarding a new song

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Siri Sadhana Kaur (UK)