Our music, in the tradition of Yoga (Shivaist and Kundalini), is energetic, festive and spiritual awould be perfect for your event.
Below are our teasers (healing circles, workshops, concerts, etc.):

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Formed in 2013, and resident in the Paris region, the Har Yogi Band gives life to transcendental and intuitive music based on mantras sung to the rhythm of percussion and Ukulele melodies.

the music of Har Yogi calls for joy and compassion. The energy of the trio, simple and sincere, is communicative and can be felt at all times.

We are three ; we are one!

Harbeant Singh Basile

Singer, violin, Ukulele, and piano player, Harbeant is also a composer and remains involved in the practice of Kundalini Yoga.


Percussionist and singer Guillaume is also very involved in the practice of Kundalini Yoga, he is also a composer.


Bassist he joins the group in 2023 ; he is also composer

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